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Autumn Leaves 音阶

你可以用G大调 ( G Ionian音阶)音阶弹奏《秋叶》, 虽然会越弹越无聊。

G 大调音阶


G Major Scale G A B C D E F#
1 2 3 4 5 6 7


G major scale

E小调布鲁斯音阶(E minor blues scale)


E Minor Blues Scale E G A A# B D
1 b3 4 #4 5 b7


E minor blues scale diagram



Over the B7 and E7 chords, you can play the harmonic minor scale (E harmonic minor over B7, A harmonic minor over E7).

Here are the notes of the E harmonic minor scale:

E Harmonic Minor Scale E F# G A B C D#
Played over B7 11 5 13 b7 1 b9 3

Here’s a common position of the E harmonic minor scale:

E harmonic minor scale diagram

Autumn Leaves 伴奏音轨

Here’s the backing track for this lesson:

Audio Player

Autumn Leaves 旋律

Audio Player

Autumn Leaves Melody 1
Autumn Leaves Melody 2

Autumn Leaves Solo Study Chorus 1 [0:51 in the video]

Audio Player

Autumn Leaves Solo 1

Autumn Leaves Solo 2

Bar 34-46

The first section of the solo concentrates on simple voice leading lines.

Voice leading is the smooth movement of notes from one chord to the next. Each “voice” is moved by the shortest distance possible and mainly the 3rds and 7ths of the chords are used.

Bar 47

This is a B7b9 arpeggio:

B7b9 Arpeggio Diagram

Bar 49

Here I use a Gmaj7 arpeggio:

Gmaj7 arpeggio diagram

Autumn Leaves Solo Study Chorus 2 [1:41 in the video]

Audio Player

Autumn Leaves Solo 3

Autumn Leaves Solo 4

Bar 76-77

Here I use the Cmaj7 and F#m7b5 arpeggio:

Cmaj7 arpeggio diagram F#m7b5 arpeggio diagram


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